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1868 – WW I-II
This era saw the following conflicts in which American Servicemen participated:


Indian Wars (1865-1891)

Spanish American War (1898)

Philippine-American War (1899-1902)

Banana Wars (1898)-1935)

Moro Rebellion (1898-1913)

War with Mexico (1910-1919)

World War I (1917-1918)

Russian Civil War (1918-1925)

World War II (1941-1945)

US Military History


From 1865 to 1945, the American military experienced unprecedented growth in manpower, machinery, technology, and international influence.  In this short period of time, it transitioned from mounted soldiers to pressurized, multi engine bombers capable of flying at 35,000 feet and dropping nuclear weapons. 


Starting in the Civil War, the introduction of ethnic minorities serving in a once predominantly all white military became more common.  In 1866, the U.S. Army enlisted the service of Native American Scouts who were active in the American West in the late 1800s and early 1900s.  Native Americans were also enlisted in Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders and saw action in Cuba in the Spanish-American War in 1898.  Over 12,000 American Indians served in the United States military during World War I.  World War II saw more than 44,000 American Indians serving in the U.S. military, out of a total Native American population of less than 350,000, in both European and Pacific theaters of war. This is nearly five times the national average per population.

Wind River Indian Reservation History


Originally known as the Shoshone Indian Reservation, the Wind River Indian Reservation was established by agreement of the United States with the Eastern Shoshone Nation at the Fort Bridger Treaty Council of 1868.  In 1872, the Shoshone agreed to sell part of the reservation to the U.S., establishing the North Fork of the Popo Agie River as a southern border.[12]

A later settlement and land transaction after United States v. Shoshone Tribe of Indians gave the Arapaho legal claim to the reservation, which was renamed the Wind River Indian Reservation.

In 1871, the current site of Fort Washakie was created. However, it was not called this until 1878.  The name was given to honor United States ally and Shoshone Chief Washakie. The fort continued to serve as a military post until the US abandoned it in 1909.[13] By that time, a community had developed around the fort.

Sacagawea, a guide with the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1804-06, was later interred here. Her son Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, who was a child on the expedition, has a memorial stone in Fort Washakie but was interred in Danner, Oregon.

St. Michael's at Ethete was constructed in 1917–1920. The village of Arapahoe was originally established as a US sub-agency to distribute rations to the Arapaho.

In 1904 the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho ceded a portion of the reservation north of the Wind River to the United States and opened to white settlement.[14] The Riverton Reclamation Project and the city of Riverton developed on some of this land.

1868 – WW I-II Service Members

Newton Aaron - U.S. Army

Hiram Addison - U.S. Army

Louis Addison - U.S. Army

Raymond T. Addison Sr.

William M. Addison



Ah Go

Bruce G. Allen - U.S. Navy

William Allen

William G. Amos - U.S. Army

George J. Antelope

*George W. Antelope - U.S. Army

Frank A. Aragon

John Aragon - U.S. Navy

Lawrence Aragon - U.S. Army

Louis L. Aragon - U.S. Army

Marjorie E. Aragon - U.S. Navy

Peter Aragon Jr. - U.S. Army

William N. Aragon Jr.

William N Aragon

Jesus Aragon - Scout

Tony Argon Sr.

William N. Argon Jr. - U.S. Army

James G. Armajo

Robert Armour Sr.

Arre - Scout

Queen Arron - Scout

Orley Arthur

Simon L. Arthur Sr.

*Chester Arthur - U.S. Army

George A. Avery

Charles Avery

RED Pipe Ba-E-Cha

Alfred C. Baldes

Perry Barney Jr. - U.S. Army

Appe Barney

Perry Barney - Scout

Addison Bazil

Andrew Bazil - Scout

Phillip Bear - U.S. Army

Aloysius C. Bearing

Charles C. Bearing - U.S. Army

William C.  Bearing

William J. Behan - U.S. Army

Jacob F. Bell

Robert A. Bell

Vincent P. Bell

*Louis A. Bishop - U.S. Army

Gabriel J. Bitner

Adrian G. Bivens

Thomas J. Blackburn

Jimmy R. Bolin - U.S. Army

Franklin Boyd Sr. - U.S. Army

John L. Boyd

Andrew L. Brown Jr.

Burnett L. Brown - U.S.M.C

Francis L. Brown

Frank L. Brown

George E. Brown

Gordon Brown

Henry Brown

Howard B. Brown - U.S. Army

Johnnie L. Brown* - U.S. Army

Leo Brown Sr.

Pebe Brown


Wilbur W. Bull

Curtis Burgess

Claude O. Burnaugh

Ina J. Burnaugh

Fincelius G. Burnett - U.S. Army

Gordon A. Burnett

*Gordon E. Burt - U.S. Army

*Sidney C. Bush - U.S. M.C.

Lawrence K. Cady

Harrison T. Caldwell

Joseph Calhoun

Archie Campbell - U.S. Army

Clair Campbell

Harold Campbell

Nelson Cane

Benjamin Carrier - U.S. Army

Donald F. Carter

Floyd Carter

John C’Hair Sr. - U.S. Army

Hugh B. Chase

Louis Chaves

Albert Chaves

Isaac J. Chavez Sr.

Joseph Chavis - U.S. Army

Earnest F. Chingman Sr. - U.S. Navy

Orvin R. Christopherson - U.S. Army

Bearing Coal - Scout

Isaac Coando - U.S. Army

Herman Coando - U.S. Army


Theo Cody

Valentine Cody

Kirk J. Cogswell - U.S. Air Force

Harrison T. Coldwell - U.S. Army

Floyd E. Collins

Charles J. Collins

Lyndall L. Collins

Alvin E. Compton - U.S. Army


Charles B. Coolidge

Porter B. Coolidge

Carlos Corinjo - Scout

Thomas Cosgrove - Scout

Harold R. Cramer

Tom B. Crispin Jr. - U.S. Army

Thomas W.H. Crispin Sr. - U.S. Army


Burt B. Dahle

Harold Davis - U.S. M.C.


Herman Decoteau - U.S. Army



Joseph Deshaw - U.S. Army

John W. Deshaw - U.S. Navy

Lloyd J. Dewey

John Dick - U.S. Army


Daniel Dodge Sr.

Doo-E-vit-see - Scout

Charles Driskell

Drives Down Hill - Scout

Alfred J. Duran Sr.

Dimas Duran

Thomas Duran Jr.

James A. Duran


James S. Eagle

Louis Eagle

Eugene A. Eckhart

LeClair Edmo - Scout


Elwin Elmer - U.S. M.C.

Augustine Ender - U.S. Army

Bruce (Dag-go-Shina) English

Enos J. Enos - U.S. Army

John Enos - Scout

Arthur K. Erickson

*Billie M. Fairless - U.S. Army

Wilfred J. Ferris - U.S. Army

James H. Fike Sr. - U.S. Army

*Alonzo “Lonnie” Finch - U.S. Army

Duncan G. Finlayson

*Loren Mc. C. Frank - U.S. Army

Daniel Friday

William F. Friday

John L. Froman

Gordon Gantenbein - U.S. Navy

Felix W. Garfield

John B. Gavin

Edward B. Gavin

Robert C. Geboe

Roy S. Geddes

Gene R. Genero


Merl V. Glick - U.S. Army

Charles L. Gloy

Michael S.L. Goggles Sr. - U.S. Army

*Claude H. Goggles - U.S. Army

Christopher H. Goggles

Hayes Goggles - U.S. Army

Timothy G. Goggles - U.S. Army

Leslie N. Gould Sr. - U.S. M.C.

Gosha Gould

George J. Griebel - U.S. Army

John J. Griebel

Robert E. Griebel - U.S. Army

Leroy H. Griswold - U.S. Navy

Embavee Gweena-Goh

Horace Habbie - Scout

Ted Hagg

Theodore C. Hailey

Ute Hanna - Scout

Ernest C. Hanway

Francis A. Hanway

William J. Hanway

Bert Harris - U.S. Army

Tom Harris

Andrew J. Headley

Arnold Headley

Carl Headley

James Headley

Joseph Headley

Margaret W. Headley - U.S. Army

Wilbur Headley


Robert Heil

Ben B. Henan - U.S. M.C.

Ethel R. Henan

Lawrence Hereford - U.S. Army

Sherman J. Hereford - U.S. Army

Stanley Hereford - U.S. Army

Victor T. Hereford - U.S. Navy

Edgar Hill - U.S. Army

Beaver Hill

Paul O.  Hines - U.S. Navy

Paul S. Hirasawa - U.S. Army

Carl K. Hirasawa - U.S. Army

Samuel T. Hirasawa - U.S. Army


Charles Hugarne

Wray F Hughes

Hugo (Hoi-goi-Meeda) Hugo

Umber Hugo


Burnham S. Hungary Sr. - U.S. Air Force

Theodore C. Hungary

Vernon P. Hungary

Kenneth B. Hungary

Lee Hurtado - U.S Navy

Ned Hurtado

Phillip Hurtado

Sequiel Hurtado Jr. - U.S Navy

Teton Hurtado - U.S. Army

Earl H. Hutchinson - U.S. Army

Joseph F. Hutchinson

Robert E. Hutchinson

Virgil L. Hutchinson

Elmer C. Isis - U.S. Army

Ira (lsseien) Isis

Louis P. Jarvis - U.S. Army

Ralph G. Jenkins

Lynn Jenkins - U.S. Army

Jack E. Jenkins

Glen S.  Jones

Roy E. Jones - U.S. Army

Claude Kagivah - Scout

Alvin A. Keldson - U.S. Army

Lorraine Kennedy

Ralph E. Kniffin Sr. - U.S. Army

Joe Lafferty

Joseph C. Lahoe Jr.

Herman Lajeunesse Sr. - U.S. Army

Seeright Lajeunesse - U.S. Army

Gordon S. Lajeunesse

Michel Lajeunesse - Scout

Noel Lajeunesse - Scout

Michael Lajeunesse

Noel Lajeunesse

Fred Large

Roy S. Large

Alfred L. Large

Irene Large - U.S. Army

James E. Large Sr. - U.S. Army

Reuben A. Large

Shadrack J. Large -  U.S. Army

Walter N. Large

Oliver D. Laroque

Clowery Lawson - U.S. Army


Theodore LeBeau

Edward A. LeClair Sr. - U.S. Navy

John A. LeClair Jr. - U.S. Army

Stanley G. LeClair - U.S. Army

Edmo LeClair - Scout

Adolph R. Leonardi

Joe A. Little Crow - U.S. Army

Ora E. Logan

Aurist B. Long

Kesner L. Long

Raymond Long

Reno M. Long

William L. Loree


James S. Mann

Franklin L. Martel

Habram J. Martel

Reuben D. Martel - U.S. Army

Pe-Go-Na Martin


Joseph Mattel - U.S. Army

Allen Mattovish

Lonjo McAdams

Alfred McAdams - U.S.M.C

Benjamin F. McAdams

Lester D. McAdams - U.S. Army

Thornton McAdams - U.S. Army

William McCabe

Avan McGhee - Scout

Clarence McGill - U.S. Army

Percy McLeod - U.S. Army

Joe McLeod - U.S. Army

Francis K. Meade

Lawrence B. Meade Jr. - U.S.Navy

George E. Meredith

Eugene E. Meyers - U.S. Army

John T. Meyers

Stanley F. Meyers

Jesse F. Miller

John B. Miller

Joseph E. Miller

Lawrence W. Miller

Robert J. Miller

Peter J. Monroe

Walter Monroe

Weldon D. Moss

Benjamin O. Moss

Herman J. Moss Sr. - U.S.M.C

Orwell L. Moss

Raleigh Mowrey - U.S. Navy


James R. Murray

Charles E. Murray

Ralph R. Murray

John T. Myers - U.S. Navy

Jefferson Nagaromie

Charles Nagaromie


Penck Neff

Francis G. Nicol

Frederick L. Nicol - U.S. Army

Jule F. Nicol - U.S Navy

Carl E. Nirider - U.S. Army

James E. Nirider - U.S. Navy

Ralph E. Nniffin - U.S. Army

Earl Nokie

Newton, Norah


Valentine Norman - U.S. Army

lderim Norman

Ralph W. Norse

Raphael Norse - U.S. Army

James Noseep - U.S. Army

Mathew Noseep

Percy L. Nowlin



Daniel Oldman

David Oldman Sr.

John B. Oldman

Richard Oldman

Thomas J. Oldman

Hugo Oldman

Fermin W. Olivas

Donald O’Neal


Orle-T en-Zone

Pat Ornealas

Dick L. Ortiz Sr.


Woodrow W. Palmer


Adolph Panzetanga - U.S. Army


Clarence Parker

Robert N. Parker

Leslie W. Parker

Pedro Pass-a-Doah - Scout 



Marvin A. Peery

Gordon S. Pennoyer

Padra Peora


Seth Peron

Felix A. Perry - U.S. Army

Sego Perry

Calvin Pingree - U.S. Navy

Chester Pingree Sr. - U.S. Navy

Peter Pingree

Joseph Piper

James Pogue - U.S. Army

Richard Pogue Sr.* - U.S. Navy

Marah Pogue


Pedro Pusse-Ar-doah

Quintin Quay - Scout

Padze Quin - Scout 


Alford Ratliff - U.S. Army

Gene Ratliff - U.S. Navy

Jack Ratliff - U.S. Army

Joseph T. Regan Sr.

Sherman Redman* - U.S. Army

Victor Revere Sr. - U.S. Army

Eugene J. Ridgely Sr. - U.S. Army

Claude Riggs

Little Bob Roberts - Scout

Pasetonze Roberts 


Sage - Scout

Charlie Sargeant - Scout

Roy Shongutsie

Engle Shoyo 

Six Feathers - Scout

Charles Smith

Clarence Smith

Guy Smith

William Smith

Finn G. Snyder - U.S. Army

So-E-Gar - Scout


Able Sonnicant


Allen F Space

John St, Clair, Sr - U.S. Army

Benjamin Stagner Sr.

Fred Stagner

Samuel J. Stanbury - U.S. Navy

Hector “Buggs” Stoll Jr.- U.S Navy

George W. SunRhodes -U.S. Army

Joseph F SunRhodes - U.S. Army

William Surrell

John Swallow

Henry Terry

Thad Tidzump


Herman Tiger









Tosa - Scout


William Trosper* - U.S. Army

Walter Urbigkit

Judge Ute - Scout

John Ute

Pe-vo-wa Ute

Joe Vincent

Edwom B. Vermillion - U.S. Army

Waldo B. Vermillion - U.S.Navy

Lee Wadda

Panza Wadda - Scout

Laverne Wagon

Jim Wagon


Wah-Wan-Am-Bidde - Scout



Royal H. Wanstall - U.S. Army

John Washakie*

Dick Washakie

George Washakie

Bob Washington

Homer Waterman - Scout

George Weasaw



White Horse - Scout

Allen William 

William - Scout

John Willow, Sr. - U.S. Army

Oliver J. Willow

Charles E. Wilson

Wat-Sa Wise

Parker (Poocayatsee) Wise


Eddie R. Womack


Allen Zagwar


Allen Zomba

*Killed in Action

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