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Vietnam War

US Military History

From the National Museum of the American Indian, "Approximately 42,000 American Indians—one of four eligible Native people compared to about one of twelve non-Natives—served in the armed forces during the war in Vietnam (1964–1975). Many were drafted, but a large number volunteered, often citing family and tribal traditions of service as a reason.


"It was an Honor to serve our country as a Northern Arapaho woman. I served with Pride in my people and the United States."



Cornelius Abeyta - U.S. Navy

Edward G. Abeyta - U.S. Army

Marie R. Adame - U.S. Air Force

Bruce D. Allen - U.S. Navy

George A. Antelope

George L. Antelope - U.S. Army

Dexter Aoah Sr - U.S.  Army

Oliver Aragon - U.S. Navy

Patrick E. Aragon - U.S. Navy

Harold Armajo - U.S. Air Force

Bruce G. Armour - U.S. Army

Martin Armour

Ronald J. Armour - U.S. Army

Vernon E. Armour - U.S. Air Force

Howard Arnel - U.S. Army

Sally Arnel - U.S. Army

Gerald J. Arrowsmith - U.S. Army

Steven M. Avery - U.S.M.C

Gary H. Bartlett - U.S.M.C

Daniel C. Bearing

Leland J. Behan

Virgil J. Behan

Donald J. Bell - U.S.M.C

Edward L. Bell - U.S. Army

Jake H.L. Bell - U.S. Navy

Thomas J. Bell - U.S. Army

William T. Bennett - U.S.M.C

Lyle T. Black

Elmer Blackbird - U.S. Army

Kenneth Blackburn

Kenneth J. Blackburn Sr. -U.S. Army

Wayland Bonatasie - U.S. Army

Weldon Bonazza

Orin R. Borton

Vernon W. Borton - U.S. Army

Franklin S. Boyd Jr.

Bennie Bradford - U.S.M.C

James Brawley - U.S. Navy

Richard M. Breedlove

Patton L. Brown - U.S. Army

Howard B. Brown

Howard R. Brown

Jerome J. Brown

Elliott J. Buckman - U.S. Air Force

William H. Buckman Jr. - U.S. Navy

Aloysius C’Bearing

David T. C’Hair - U.S. Army

Lawrence   C’Hair

Sherman P. C’Hair

Wayne T. C’Hair - U.S. Army

Harvey L. Charging - U.S. Army

Charles Chingman

Ernest F. Chingman Jr. -U.S. Navy

Gary Chingman - U.S. Army

John Chingman - U.S. Navy

Roger J. Chingman - U.S. Army

Claullen R. Chinjay - U.S. Army

Herman Coando Jr.

Rex A. Coando - U.S. Army

Darlene W. Conrad - U.S. Navy

Charles B. Crispin - U.S.M.C

Jim W. Cunningham - U.S. Army

Ralph E. Curry - U.S. Army

Dave Davis - U.S.M.C

Antone W. Day - U.S.M.C

David D. Day - U.S. Navy

Frank J. Day Jr. - U.S. Army

Louis M. Delorme Jr. - U.S. Army

Wayne L. Delorme - U.S. Army

Marjorie R. DePriest

Paul C. DePriest

Alfred G. Deshaw - U.S. Army

John E. Deshaw - U.S. Army

William V. Deshaw - U.S. Army

Larry D. Dewey

Raymond C. Dewey - U.S. Army

Delbert Dodge

Joseph Engavo Jr. - U.S. Army

Sam Engavo - U.S. Navy

Norman D. Enos - U.S. Army

Earnest Felter - U.S. Army

Darell J. Ferris - U.S. Navy

David Ferris Sr. -U.S. Army

Donald R. Ferris - U.S. Army

Richard Ferris Sr. - U.S. Army

James A. Fike Jr. - U.S. Army

Joseph T. Fountain - U.S. Army

Lawrence M. Friday

Marshall E. Friday - U.S. Army

Truman Friday - U.S. Army

Joe W. Gantenbein - U.S. Navy

Jerry R. Garriott - U.S. Navy

Patrick Garvin - U.S. Army

Robert C. Geboe

Laurence Gee

Wendell W. GhostBear Sr. - U.S.M.C

Timothy Girten - U.S. Army

Alberta J. G. Goggles - U.S. Army

Emmett S. Goggles - U.S. Army

Eugene Goggles - U.S. Army

Henry T. Goggles Sr. - U.S.M.C

John M. Goggles - U.S .Army

Owen Goggles

Robert Goggles

Willard Gould - U.S. Navy

Kenneth G. Gould - U.S.M.C

Richard V. Greeves - U.S Air Force

Gregory L. Grisworld - U.S.M.C

Ted Haag

Thomas Hammer - U.S. Navy

Paul J. Hanway - U.S.M.C

Wilbur P. Hanway

Dwayne Harris - U.S. Navy

Mark O. Harris - U.S. Navy

Frank Harrison - U.S. Army

Winfred M. Hatt

Lyle V. Haukaas Sr. - U.S. Army

Ronald R. Haukaas - U.S.M.C

Vincent Haukaas Sr. - U.S. Army

Gerald P. Headly Sr. - U.S.M.C

Andrew J. Headly

Phillip Hendrikson Jr. - U.S.M.C

Clifford A. Henry - U.S. Army

Glenn D. Hereford - U.S. Navy

Joseph W. Hereford - U.S. Army

Wayne L. Hill - U.S. Army

Wilford W. Hill - U.S. Army

Frank P.  Hill - U.S. Army

William L. Hines - U.S. Coast Guard

Lloyd A. Hobbs

John L. Hornecker - U.S. Army

James Hunter lll - U.S. Navy

Howard Hurtado

Kenneth Hurtado

Russell Hurtado - U.S. Army

Vincent T. Hurtado - U.S. Army

Gilbert P. Jarvis - U.S. Army

Charles Jeffery Sr. - U.S. Army

Bruce Jenkins

Lloyd A. Jenkins

Thomas E. Johnson - U.S. Navy

Thomas R. Jones - U.S. Army

Kenneth Jorgenson - U.S. Army

Ivan L. Kniffin Jr. - U.S. Army

Ralph E. Kniffin Jr. - U.S. Army

Walter Lahoe Jr. - U.S. Army

Joseph Lahoe - U.S. Army

Herman LaJeunsesse Jr. - U.S.M.C

Vernon LaJeunsesse - U.S. Army

Alfred L. Large

James E. Large Jr. - U.S. Army

Jess Large - U.S. Navy

Rueben Large

Clowry N. Lawson - U.S. Army

Bennie E. LeBeau - U.S. Air Force

Hubert G. LeBeau - U.S.M.C

Newman J. LeBeaux - U.S. Army

Edward A. LeClair Jr. - U.S. Army

Edward C. Leonardi

Myron L. Littlebird

Thomas F. Littleshield - U.S. Army

Jerry W. Lucas

Alfred MaAdams Jr. - U.S.M.C

Lester L. MaAdams - U.S. Army

Mark MaAdams - U.S.M.C

Oren D. MaAdams -U.S. Army

Bernard L. Makeshine - U.S. Army

James W. Mann - U.S. Army

Joseph F. Manzanares

Glen Marshall - U.S. Army

Franklin Martel

Wesley Martel - U.S. Army

Richard May - U.S. Army

Oren D. McAdams - U.S. Army

Edward R. McAuslan-U.S. Air Force

Maynard J. McGill - U.S. Army

Donald E. McGowan

Philbert N. McLeod - U.S. Army

Michael Meade - U.S. Army

Kenneth Meade

Edmund L. Meeks - U.S. Army

Eugene E. Meeks - U.S. Army

Charles Meyers - U.S. Army

Lavern E. Meyers - U.S. Army

Terry E. Meyers - U.S. Army

Benjamin R. Miller

Dennis Miller

Joseph E. Miller

Lawrence M. Miller

Timothy Miller - U.S. Army

Brady L. Mills - U.S. Army

Jerald Monroe

Leo W. Monroe - U.S. Army

Peter Monroe

Gary Moon Sr. - U.S.M.C

George P. Moss - U.S. Army

Herman J. Moss Sr.

Leonard R. Moss Sr. - U.S.M.C

Medrick H. Moss Sr. - U.S. Army

Norman L. Moss

Weldon D. Moss* - U.S.M.C

Charles W. Murray - U.S.M.C

Richard N. Murray - U.S. Army

Richard A.  Murray

James G. Murray

Douglas O. Newlin - U.S. Army

Michael A. Newlin - U.S.M.C

Fred Nicol Jr. - U.S. Army

Darwin Niedo - U.S. Army

Leslie F. Noseep - U.S. Army

Daniel R. Nowlin

John Oberly - U.S. Army

Harold O’Brien - U.S. Navy

Alberta G. Oldman

Benjamin Oldman

Daniel Oldman Jr. - U.S. Army

Irvin A. Oldman - U.S.M.C

James A. Oldman Sr.-U.S. Air Force

Lyle Oldman - U.S.M.C

Thomas J. Oldman - U.S. Army

Laurence J. Olheiser - U.S. Army

Leonard J. Olheiser - U.S. Army

Leverne J. Olheiser - U.S. Army

Alvin L. Olson - U.S. Army

Charles E. O’Neal - U.S.M.C

William B. O’Neal - U.S. Navy

Daniel L. Ortiz

Herbert Panzetanga - U.S. Army

Forest A. Parker

Ray Parkhurst - U.S. Navy

Joseph Pepper - U.S. Army

Louis E. Perea

Leslie C. Pietron - U.S. Navy

Chester Pingree Jr. - U.S. Army

James P. Pingree - U.S. Navy

Daniel Posey - U.S.M.C

Dansyl Posey Sr. - U.S. Army

Maynard Posey Sr. - U.S. Army

Charles E. Potter

Donnie D. Presgrove

Raymond Produit Sr. - U.S.M.C

Scott J. Ratliff - U.S. Army

Alfred Redman Sr.

Otto T. Revere

Paul R. Revere - U.S. Army

Victor Revere

Darell W. Richardson - U.S. Navy

Charles D. Richardson Jr.U.S. Navy

W.J. Richardson Jr. - U.S.M.C.

Royce Ridgley - U.S. Army

Michael A. Ridgley - U.S. Army

Cyrus S. Roberts Jr. - U.S.M.C

Leonard Roberts - U.S. Army

Clifford D. Root - U.S. Army

Ronald A. Routzahn

Dean Rowan - U.S. Army

James A. Rowan - U.S. Army

Thomas A. Rush

James R. Russell

Bryson E. Sage

Melvin D. Sather - U.S. Army

Russell Savage - U.S. Army

Antonio Shakespeare - U.S. Army

John Sharp - U.S. Army

Arlen Shoyo Sr. - U.S. Air Force

Michael Simon - U.S. Navy

Jasper R. Snyder - U.S. Army

Samuel C. Snyder - U.S. Army

Franklin A. Spero

John St. Clair - U.S. Army

Kenneth ll St. Clair - 

Leland N. St. Clair - U.S.M.C

Rueben St. Clair - U.S. Army

George M. Stacey - U.S. Army

Matthew J. Stacey - U.S. Navy

David L. Standing Bear - U.S.M.C

Mitchell S. Stanley - U.S. Air Force

George E. SunRhodes - U.S. Army

Henry C. SunRhodes Sr. - U.S. Army

Jerome T. SunRhodes

John D. Swallow - U.S. Army

Don Teichert - U.S. Army

Julius L. Teran - U.S. Army

Eldon Teran

Elden J. Teton -U.S. Navy

John C. Teuscher - U.S. Army

Robert Thompson

Stephen R. Thompson - U.S.M.C

Ivan L. Tidzump - U.S. Army

Elias W. Timbana - U.S. Air Force

Edward W. Trosper

Randall Tschacher

William H. Tschannen - U.S. Air Force

Casey A. Tsosie - U.S. Army

Clarence J. Tyler Sr. - U.S. Army

Martin Underwood Jr.

Dale E. Urbigkit

Wilberta H. Vogt - U.S. Navy

Ronald L. Vosika - U.S. Army

John Wadda - U.S. Army

Lyle E. Wadda - U.S. Army

Michael L. Wagon - U.S. Air Force

Melvin L. Wagon

Wilbur L. Walker - U.S. Army

Cecil A. Walker Sr. - U.S. Army

Ronald O. Warpness - U.S. Army

Michael D. Warren

William L. Warren

Charles Washakie - U.S. Army

Eugene B. Washakie - U.S. Army

Glenn M. Washakie - U.S.M.C

John R. Washakie - U.S. Army

Romer D. Washakie - U.S. Navy

Larry J. Washington - U.S. Army

William C. Watt, Sr. - U.S Air Force

Wyman Weed - U.S. Navy

Gary T. Weeks - U.S. Army

Kassel D. Weeks - U.S. Navy

Markus Wesaw - U.S. Coast Guard

Kenneth Wheeler

Steven L. Wheeler - U.S.M.C

Nelson P. White Sr. - U.S. Army

Crawford L. White - U.S. Army

Adolph Whiteplume

Alfred Whiteplume

William D. Whiteplume

Aloysius Willow Jr.

Aloysius D. Willow - U.S. Army

Norman P. Willow - U.S. Army

Thomas J. Willow - U.S. Army

Michael E. Witt - U.S. Army

George G. Wright - U.S.M.C.

Edward B. Young Jr. - U.S. Army

*Killed in Action

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