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Korean War

US Military History


During the Korean War (1950–1953), battle-hardened Native American troops from World War II were joined by American Indians newly recruited to fight on foreign soil. Approximately 10,000 Native Americans served in the U.S. military during this period. Considered a “police action” because Congress issued no formal declaration of war, the Korean War was nevertheless, bloody and brutal. Some 33,739 American soldiers died in battle, including 194 Native Americans.

“There is a camaraderie that transcends ethnicity when you serve your country overseas in wartime.” —Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell, Northern Cheyenne



James Allen - U.S. Navy 

Orlando A. Antelope - U.S. Army

Tony Aragon Jr. - U.S. M.C.

Wayne Arthur Sr.

Daniel G. Bakus

Jacob F. Bell

Joseph Bell - U.S. M.C.

John BigKnife

Howard Blackburn

Marvin R. Brown

Charles E. Brown

Harold B. Brown

Howard Brown

Alfred  R. Buckman - U.S. Air Force

William H. Buckman Jr. - U.S. Navy

James M. Chavez - U.S. Navy

Armon J. Compton - U.S. Navy

Harold Compton - U.S. Navy

Leonard Compton - U.S. Army

Ralph Compton - U.S. Air Force

Donald K. Cox - U.S. Air Force

John M. Crispin Sr. - U.S. Army

David D. Day

Linus J. Dewey

Mark J. Dewey

Albert Dodge - U.S. Army

Daniel J. Dodge Jr.

Alfred J. Duran

Donald A. Erikson - U.S. Army

Charles D. Finlayson

Phillip W. Gard - U.S. Army

Rudolph J. Geboe

Robert D. Girten Sr. - U.S. Army

Clair Gould

George W. Groesbeck - U.S. Navy

Lawrence P. Hanway - U.S. Army

Jacob Henan - U.S. M.C.

Dean Hereford - U.S. Army

Glenn D. Hereford - U.S. Navy

Leroy Herman - U.S. Army

Bruce S. Hirasawa - U.S. Army

Ken Hirasawa

Edward Hobbie - U.S. Army

Floyd J. Hungary - U.S. Army

Homer J. Hunsberger

Ted Hunter

Burton Hutchinson Sr. - U.S. Army

Raymond J. Isis - U.S. Army

Thurlo Jenkins - U.S. Army

Alfred L. Johnson - U.S. Navy

John P. Kennah - U.S. M.C.

Lawrence J. Kennah

Larry Kennah

Ralph E. Kniffin Jr.

Walter E. Lahoe - U.S. Army

George LaJeunesse - U.S. M.C.

Lawrence A. Large Sr. - U.S. Army

Wesley T. LeClair - U.S. Army

William L. LeClair - U.S. Navy

Fredrick A. Long

Harold Long

John Long

Leon Long

George Marshall Jr. - U.S. Army

Franklin L. Martel

Richard May - U.S. Army

Oren “Butch” J. McAdams - U.S. M.C.

Eldon V. Meeks - U.S. Army

Laverne Meeks - U.S. Army

Frank Meredith Jr.

Willard L. Meyer - U.S. Navy

Dallas Morgan

Alfred Norah Sr. - U.S. Army

Dansyl H. Noseep - U.S. Army

Richard Oldman

Dewey D. Oldman - U.S. Air Force

Fermin W. Olivas - U.S. Army

Jimmie D. O’Neal - U.S. M.C.

Patrick O’Neal Jr. - U.S. Army

Roland W. Osborne - U.S. M.C.

Fred Peche - U.S. Army

James Pheasant

Homer V. Phillips - U.S. Navy

James Pogue

Dansyl Posey

Alfred Presgrove

John Price

Alvin Quiver

Amiel N. Quiver

Alfred Redman Sr. - U.S. Army

Thomas S. Reed - U.S. M.C.

Burnett H. Ridgley - U.S. M.C.

Harold Roach

Richard R. Roberts - U.S. Army

Donald A. Rofkar Sr. - U.S. M.C.

Kenneth Shakespeare

John Sharp - U.S. Army

Joseph Smith Sr. - U.S. M.C.

Ronald E. Snyder Sr. - U.S. M.C.

J.C. Sollars - U.S. Army

Darwin St.Clair - U.S. Army

Lynn L. St.Clair - U.S. Army

Sanford T. St.Clair

Wallace H. St.Clair

Chester S. Stagner - U.S. Army

Leslie H. Stagner

Lester Stagner

Delbert Stewart

Kim Stoll - U.S. Army

Isadore Surrell - U.S. M.C.

Frank M. Swallow - U.S. Army

Reid S. Taveapont - U.S. M.C.

Verne Taylor - U.S. Navy

Jerry Thayer - U.S. Army

Walter H. Tidzump - U.S. Army

Robert C. Titus - U.S. Army

Clark Trumbull Jr. - U.S. Army

John Tyler - U.S. Army

Franklin Ute - U.S. Army

David Wagon Sr. - U.S. Army

Clayton Wallowingbull

George Wallowingbull - U.S. Army

Alfred Ward - U.S. Army

Milward W. Ward - U.S. Navy

John A. Warren Sr. - U.S. Army

Delmar W. Wesaw - U.S. Army

*Killed in Action

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