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US Military History


Since the Gulf War (1990–1991), the United States has been engaged in an ongoing series of conflicts, primarily in Afghanistan and Iraq. American Indian men and women have served bravely in these and other missions in distant places such as Fallujah, Kandahar, Mosul, Raqqa, and Tora Bora.

The cost of war has been high. Some 30 American Indians and Alaska Natives were killed and 188 wounded in Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan, 2001–2014). In Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003–2010), 43 American Indians died while 344 were wounded.

Since September 11, almost 19% of all Native Americans have served in the Armed Forces – in comparison to an average of 14% of all other ethnicities. Almost 20% of all Native American service members are women.


From the USO, "Regardless of the challenge, Native American service members have stepped up to serve the United States with distinction, dedicating their lives to protecting this country no matter the cost."


Michelle R. Abeyta - U.S. Army

Rowdy W. Abeyta - U.S. Army

Theodore T. Abeyta - U.S. Army

Byron Amos - U.S. Navy

Felicia J. Antelope - U.S. Army

Randy O. Antelope - U.S. Army

Shawn Aragon - U.S. M.C.

Brian C. Aragon - U.S. Army

Kristi Aragon - U.S. Navy

Dara L. ArmaJo - U.S. Army

John T. Arnel - U.S. Army

Wayne Arthur Jr. - U.S. Navy

Craig A. Asay - U.S. M.C.

Patric A. Atenciao - U.S.M.C

Eligah G. Barrett III - U.S. Army

Darrel Bell - U.S. Army

Jaden Bell - U.S. M.C.

Justin T. Bernard - U.S. Air Force

Brian A. Bewley - U.S. Army

Alan R. Bishop - U.S. Army

Norman J. Bitsie - U.S. Army

Chrystal Black Owl - U.S. Army

Melody Blackburn - U.S. Army

Martin K. Blackburn Sr. - U.S. M.C.

Loreal B. Blackshawl - U.S. Army

Jody D. Bolin - U.S. Army

Stephanie M. Boyd - U.S. Air Force

Jacelyn A. Brown - U.S. Army

Shannon M. Brown - U.S. Air Force

Holly M. Butler - U.S. Air Force

Amanda F. Carrier - U.S. M.C.

Donald L. Clifford Sr. - U.S. M.C.

Donald L. Clifford Jr. - U.S. M.C.

Robert E. Compton - U.S. Army

Marty Conrad - U.S. Army

Bruce Dempster - U.S. Army

William E. Deshaw - U.S. M.C.

Raymond C. Dewey - U.S. Army

Ladonna R. Dewey - U.S. Army

Erin Engavo - U.S. M.C.

*Billy B. Farris - U.S. Army

Andrew J. Ferguson - U.S. Army

Ben L. Ferris - U.S. Army

Donald Ferris - U.S. Army

Jim Fienhold - U.S. Navy

Susan R. Franqui - U.S. Army

Justin H. Friday - U.S. Navy

Chester B. Friday III - U.S. M.C.

Colin Friday - U.S. M.C.

Bernard Friday - U.S. Army

Christopher J. Friday - U.S. Army

Edward C. Girten Jr. - U.S. Navy

Mary R. Goggles - U.S. Army

James Goggles Jr. - U.S. Navy

Justin R.P. Goggles - U.S. Army

Lloyd Goggles - U.S. M.C.

William Goggles - U.S. Army

George M. Griebel - U.S. M.C.

Holly Grusendorf - U.S. Air Force

Jeremy Hammock - U.S. M.C.

Joan L. Headley - U.S. Army

Jacob Henan Jr. - U.S. M.C.

Phillip S. Hendrickson Jr. - U.S. M.C.

Shanell Hill - U.S. M.C.

Robert W. HisChase Sr. - U.S. Army

Elizabeth Hodge - U.S. Army

Shayna Hodge - U.S. Navy

Ronald E. Howard - U.S. Army

Carlie Jacoby - U.S. Air Force

Charles Jeffrey Jr. - U.S. M.C.

Daniel Johnson

John Kennah - U.S. M.C.

Christian M. Klein - U.S. Army

Elizabeth Kolb - U.S. Army

Ernest C. Lavato - U.S. Air Force

Bridger N. Lawson - U.S. Navy

George Leonard - U.S. M.C.

Joseph M. Littlebird - U.S. M.C.

Adrian Lopez - U.S. Army

Michael R. Makeshine - U.S. M.C.

Leandro E. Martinez Jr. - U.S. Army

Ted McAuslan - U.S. Navy

Weston A. McAuslan - U.S. Navy

Alex K. McAuslan - U.S. M.C.

Kelly L. McAuslan- U.S. Navy

Weston A. McAuslan III - U.S. M.C.

Penny A. McAuslan - U.S. Coast Guard

Milton E. Miller Jr. - U.S. Air Force

Alan E. Miller - U.S. Navy

Thomas M. Miller - U.S. Army

Matthew Miller - U.S. Army

Richard Mireau - U.S. Army

Amos J. Mireau - U.S. Army

Ronald D. Mitchell - U.S. Army

Anthony C. Morgan - U.S. Army

Arland Moss - U.S. M.C.

Shiela Moss - U.S. Army

Throdore T. Moss - U.S. Army

Ransom C. Murray - U.S. Army

Zachary Murray

Bo Murray - U.S. Army

Charles B. Murray - U.S. Army

Ryan R. Murray - U.S. Army

Scott Murray- U.S. Navy

Jacob Nation - U.S. Army

Leslie F. Noseep Jr. - U.S. M.C.

Joshua A. Oldman - U.S.M.C

Kristi K. O’Neal - U.S. M.C.

Shawnita M. Osborne - U.S. Navy

Shawn M. Passons - U.S. Army

Floyd L. Phillips - U.S. Army

Nathan Pietron - U.S. Navy

Antonio T. Pingree - U.S. Army

Franklin Pogue - U.S. Army

Ivan Posey - U.S. Army

C.J. Potter Jr. - U.S. M.C.

Sherman Quiver - U.S. M.C.

JoLee R. RedCherries - U.S. M.C.

John Redman Sr. - U.S. Army

John Redman - U.S. Army

Lyle Reyos - U.S. M.C.

Daniel Reyos - U.S. M.C.

Scott B. Ridgley - U.S. M.C.

Manfred Romero - U.S. Navy

Dena Russo - U.S. Navy

Russell Savage - U.S. Army

Logan J. Savage - U.S. M.C.

Stephen T. Seminole - U.S. Navy

Loreal B. Shawl - U.S. Army

Marjorie M. Small - U.S. Air Force

Erin M. Sojos - U.S. Navy

Tharon Spoonhunter - U.S. M.C.

Levi T. Surrell Jr. - U.S. Navy

Levi T. Surrell - U.S. Navy

Michael C. Tanner - U.S. Air Force

Tonya Tavegia - U.S. Army

Lee Tendore - U.S.M.C.

Lee Tendore - U.S.M.C.

Martha Teran - U.S.M.C.

Tyrel L. Teran - U.S.M.C.

Theodore P. Thayer - U.S. Army

Dennis Thayer - U.S. Navy

Clarence V. Thomas - U.S. Army

Kobe C. Tillman - U.S. Army

Tyrell Tillman - U.S. M.C.

Steve Track - U.S. Army

leAnna J. Trosper - U.S. Army

Wesley T. Underwood Jr. - U.S. Army

Josh Ute - U.S. Army

Andrew Vasquez Jr. - U.S. Army

Augie T. Wagner - U.S.M.C.

Michael L. Wagon - U.S. Air Force

Aloyisious Warren - U.S.M.C.

Trevor G. Warren - U.S.M.C.

William T. Warren, Sr. - U.S.M.C.

William T. Warren, Jr. - U.S. Army

Charles Washakie - U.S. Army

Kolin K Washakie - U.S. M.C.

Kristen A. Washakie - U.S. Army

Sheila Washakie - U.S.M.C.

David L. Webb - U.S. Army

Baptiste Weed - U.S. M.C.

Markus Wesaw - U.S. Coast Guard

Daniel L.P. White

Steven A. White Jr. - U.S. M.C.

Raymond White Buffalo III - U.S. Army

Raymond WhiteBuffalo III - U.S. Army

Dalco G. Whiteman - U.S. M.C.

Billy J. Whiteplume - U.S. Army

Norman P. Willow, Jr. - U.S. M.C.

Wolf J.T. Willow - U.S. M.C.

Richard D. Wodrich - U.S. Army

Jerime D. Wyant

Ryan T. Wyant

Ashley Yellow Cloud - U.S. Army

*Killed in Action

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